Acinetobacter sp. nov. VT-511

Kingdom Bacteria
Phylum Proteobacteria
Class Gammaproteobacteria
Order Pseudomonadales
Family Moraxellaceae
Genus Acinetobacter

We have sequenced and analyzed the genome of the previously unculturable clinical isolate Acinetobacter sp. VT-511, an aerobic, non-motile, gram-negative coccobacilli that was isolated from the stomach of a patient with gastric cancer.

Acinetobacter sp. VT-511 is aerobic, non-motile, gram-negative coccobacilli.

Fig.1 Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) image of Acinetobacter sp. strain VT-511.

Acinetobacter is a genus of medically important bacterial species that are associated with nosocomial infections, including pneumonia, meningitis, and sepsis.

Our genetic analyses revealed that Acinetobacter sp. strain VT-511 harbors the genes encoding ABC, MATE, and RND family multidrug resistance transporters, and macrolide-specific efflux proteins. In addition, we identified genes encoding resistance to ethidium bromide, fluoroquinolones, macrolides, fosmidomycin, and bacteriocin, as well as genes encoding virulence factors such as adhesins, polysaccharides, peptidases, and proteases.

Nucleotide sequence accession number

This genome sequencing project has been deposited in GenBank under the accession No. LFRE00000000

The Acinetobacter sp.  strain  VT-511 strain is deposited

DSMZ under accession number DSM 100992

IDAC under accession number 021115-1