Naming opportunities

Naming opportunities allow you to include your name in the history and background of newly developed medicines. You may name an HMI discovery project for yourself, your family, or in honor/memory of a loved one(s).

Your gift will advance the research of the Human Microbiology Institute, and with your support, we will take the next steps in ameliorating the suffering of patients who would otherwise go untreated and increasing the human lifespan.

Through these select naming opportunities, your philanthropy will have tangible impacts on our research and help to advance our understanding of microorganisms that affect human health, diseases and lifespan, and will help achieve our ultimate goal of transforming these advances and breakthrough technologies into novel therapies.

Gift Naming Opportunities
  • Selected Applied Microbiology Research Programs  $10.000 and above
  • Selected Disease-Specific Research $10.000 and above
  • Longevity and Aging Research Program $100,000 and above

For more information, please contact:

Senior Director of Gift Planning
+1(857) 366-7171