Kluyvera intestini GT-16

Whole genome sequence of Kluyvera intestini GT-16

Description Kluyvera intestini GT-16
GenbankBioProject PRJNA342563
GenbankBioSample SAMN05762249
Taxonomy ID 5762249
GenomeSize 5,868,299 bp
Sequencing Illumina MiSeq  2500
Coverage 110x
G+C content 53.0%.
Sequenceannotation NCBI Prokaryotic Genome Annotation Pipeline | RAST
Protein-coding sequences 5,350
RNA genes 113
tRNAs 90
rRNAs 7
ncRNA 16

Tetz G, Tetz V. 2016. Draft Genome Sequence of Kluyvera intestini strain GT-16 Isolated from the Stomach of a Patient with Gastric Cancer. Genome Announc 4(6):e01432-16. doi:10.1128/genomeA.01432-16.

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Sequence data can be used to Define:

  1. Role of Kluyvera intestini GT-16 in human pathologies
  2. Role of Kluyvera intestini GT-16 in Microbiota Diseases
  3. Phylogeneticand taxonomy analysis
  4. Role of Kluyvera intestini GT-16 in resistome
  5. Role of Kluyvera intestini GT-16 in the distribution of virulence genes