Applied microbiology programs

Applied Microbiology Programs to investigate the role of the microbiome in human diseases and longevity are conducted by faculty from multiple disciplines. These studies are designed to evaluatethe composition and functions of the microbiota in healthy individuals and in those suffering from various diseases, as well as the regulatory mechanisms that govern microbiota equilibrium and alterations to the composition of the microbiome. Through these analyses, wehave developed core theories thathave allowed us to gain a better understanding of the contribution ofnormal and pathological microbiota to human health. Furthermore, our studies are designed to identify previously unrecognized human pathogens that play a role inwell known diseases with the ultimate goal of enhancing the efficacy of existing therapies. The results obtained from these studies will increase our understanding of the role of the microbiota in human health and may lead to the identification of methods to modulate microbiota to increase human health and longevity.