Streptococcus sp. nov. VT 162

Whole genome sequence of Streptococcus sp. VT-162

Description Streptococcus sp. VT-162
Genbank BioProject PRJNA227244


Taxonomy ID 2401018
Genome Size 2,045,418 bp
Sequencing Illumina MiSeq HiSeq 2500
Coverage 345X
G+C content 41.1%.
Sequence annotation NCBI Prokaryotic Genome Annotation Pipeline RAST
Protein-coding sequences 1,935
RNA genes 38
tRNAs 34
rRNAs 3
ncRNA 1

Vecherkovskaya, M. F., Tetz, G. V., & Tetz, V. V. (2014). Complete Genome Sequence of the Streptococcus sp. strain VT-162, Isolated from the Saliva of Pediatric Oncohematology Patients. Genome Announcements; 2(4), e00647-14.

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Publication Type Journal Article
Authors George Tetz
Maria F. Vecherkovskaya
Victor Tetz
Abstract Streptococcus sp. strain VT 162 was isolated from the saliva of pediatric oncohematology patients. Its full genome is 2,045,418 bp. The availability of this genome will provide insights into the composition of microbial flora among pediatric oncohematology patients and the host interaction and pathogenicity of this species.
Year of Publication 2014
Journal Genome announcements
DOI 10.1128/genomeA.00647-14
Sequence data can be used to Define:
  1.  Role of Streptococcus sp. strain VT-162 in human pathologies and carcinogenicity
  2.  Role of Streptococcus sp. strain VT-162 in Microbiota Diseases
  3.  Phylogenetic and taxonomy analysis
  4.  Role of Streptococcus sp. strain VT-162 in resistome
  5.  Role of Streptococcus sp. strain VT-162 in the distribution of virulence genes