Tetz’s theory of longevity

«Longevity (T-life) as a biological phenomenon exists within limited boundaries. What if we could push the boundaries?» G.Tetz

The Human Microbiology Institute core has developed a novel theory, Tetz’ theory and law of longevity, describing new ways of modulating an organism’s longevity, which could provide a theoretical basis for tomorrow’s medicine.

Tetz’s theory of  longevity states that longevity and aging is defined by accumulations of alterations in totality of genes of host macroorganism and microbiota.  And Tetz’s law of longevity states that longevity is limited by the accumulation of these alterations to the limiting value that is not compatible with life.

According to our theory, an organism could become immortal if at any time-point in an organism’s lifespan, the accumulation of alterations in a specific gene(s) were blocked before reaching the limiting values.

Rate of aging and the remaining lifespan

Based on Tetz’s theory and law, we propose a novel model to calculate several parameters, including the rate of aging (or the rate of reduction of the remainder of the maximum permissible level of alteration) and the remaining lifespan of individuals. We believe that this theory has great explanatory and predictive potential for the influences of diseases, medication, and medical procedures on human longevity. Specifically, estimations generated using this formula enable the calculation of alterations in an individual life expectancy based on the rate of reduction of the remainder of the maximum permissible level of alterations. Such estimates also provide a framework for evaluating new fundamental aspects that control aging and lifespan. Therefore, Tetz’s theory and law could help us re-examine the aging process and provide insights that may help to extend the human lifespan.

Tetz’s Theory of Longevity: General Overview

Our new theory and law of longevity enables the evaluation of fundamental factors that control lifespan.

tsup – t = tlife

We would be happy to share all the details of this theoretical concept right after its official publication (in press).

Tetz’s theory and law of longevity.

Theory in Biosciences (2019)

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