Novel bacteria associated with aging

Your philanthropy will support our groundbreaking research aimed at enhancing our understanding of age-specific alterations in the microbiome, and the role of such alterations in an individual’s lifespan. Indeed, the Human Microbiology Institute has already made an important discovery in this area, which is described in the «Tetz’s theory of longevity».

Elucidating the Role of the Microbiota in Aging is More Crucial Than Ever

A variety mechanisms have been shown to contribute to the process of senescence. Notably, such mechanisms in macroorganisms are triggered and affected by the organism’s microbiota. Therefore, the discovery and characterization of novel microorganisms, as well as the evaluation of the prevalence of these organisms within the host, by HMI scientists will provide new opportunities for evaluating the role of the microbiome in longevity and aging.