Draft Genome Sequence of Streptococcus halitosis sp. nov., Isolated from the Dorsal Surface of the Tongue of a Patient with Halitosis

Microbiology Resources and Announcements (2019)

Bacteriophages as New Human Viral Pathogens
Publication Type  Journal article
 Authors George Tetz

Daria Vikina,

Paul Zappile

Stuart Brown

Igor Dolgalev

Aristotelis Tsirigos

Adriana Heguy

Victor Tetz

 Abstract Here, we report the draft genome of Streptococcus halitosis sp. nov. strain VT-4, a novel bacterium isolated from the dorsal part of the tongue of a patient with halitosis. The genome comprised 1,880,608 bp with a GC content of 41.0%. There were 1,782 predicted protein-coding genes, including those associated
with virulence and antibiotic resistance.
Year of
 Journal Microbiology Resources and Announcements
 DOI 10.1128/MRA.01704-18