HMI announces publication of the article for the first time describing Novel Cell Receptor System of Bacteria

New York, NY – October 5, 2022 – today announced the publication of a manuscript titled “Novel Prokaryotic System Employing Previously Unknown Nucleic Acid-Based Receptors” 

The research, appearing in Microbial Cell Factories (, is the first evidence for the existence of a previously unknown receptive system formed by novel DNA- and RNA-based receptors in bacteria.  The research showed that by modulation of these receptors, it is possible in a new way to regulate all critical aspects of bacterial behaviour including intra cellular communication, growth, biofilm formation and dispersal, utilization of nutrients including xenobiotics, virulence, chemo- and magnetoreception, response to external factors (e.g., temperature, UV, light and gas content), mutation events, phage-host interaction, and DNA recombination activity, etc. The destruction of these “Teazeled” regulatory elements/receptors dramatically changes the transcriptome and results in the formation of bacteria with unique and novel properties.  This discovery might lead to the development of breakthrough novel methods of regulating cells and organisms.