Kluyvera intestini GT-16

Kluyvera intestini GT-16 in Patients with Gastric Cancer

It is commonly known that gut microbes contribute to cancer development,which is why the discovery of previously unknown bacterial species in the stomach of the patient with gastric cancer is so significant.

Kluyvera intestini GT-16 is a novel species that needs to be studied in terms of its role in cancer progression. Genetic analyses indicated that Kluyvera intestini GT-16 harbors numerous antibiotic resistance genes and a variety of toxin-encoding genes, including hemolysin, nucleases and numerous peptidases.

HMI will perform next level studies to examine the role of Kluyvera intestini GT-16 in gastrointestinal malignancies.

In future research, we intend to determine the prevalence of Kluyvera intestini GT-16 among different cancer patient groups and to evaluate its possible link to the cancerogenicity.


Tetz, G., & Tetz, V. (2016). Draft Genome Sequence of Kluyvera intestini Strain GT-16 Isolated from the Stomach of a Patient with Gastric Cancer. Genome Announcements, 4(6), e01432-16.

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