Spread of Antibiotic Resistance

Key antibiotic resistance genes in the Bacillus obstructivus VT-16-70

Numberofgenes Function
5 Bacitracin ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
4 Qace family quaternary ammonium compound efflux SMR transporter
3 Tetracycline resistance MFS efflux pump
1 MFS transporter
1 MATE familyeffluxtransporter
1 Multidrug efflux RND transporter permease subunit
1 Glyoxalase/bleomycin resistance/dioxygenase family protein


1 Fosfomycinresistance protein fosb
1 OxetanocinA resistance protein
1 Unicamycinresistance protein
1 Aunorubicinresistance protein drrc
1 Azaleucineresistance protein azlc
1 Class A beta-lactamase
1 MDReffluxpumpacrab
1 Macrolide ABC transporter permease/ATP-binding protein macb